Transitions/Pathways Wander

Alondra D Delgado

Dancing through the Paths

For this transitional wander, we utilized a media or mixed medias to compose the idea of pathways located throughout the Lyle Center. With this idea, I wanted to explore a media that we have not used yet so I wanted to capture the transitional spaces such as pathways through video. The video is composed of panoramic images of intersecting pathways throughout the Center while listening calming sounds. I hope to achieve a nice, flowing transition between spaces in order to emphasis the multiple directions the Center has and what these pathways offer.

Walnut Whisperings

Kathleen Blakistone

The Walnut Whispering took a more-than human perspective, wandering paths of meaning from the nut’s perspective, eventually encouraging ink making and creation. This shift transcends boundaries to land squarely in a regenerative paradigm. What vast tales a century of carbon and energy transfer manifest, the quiet whispers under the Spring’s inflorescence?

Logan Alvarado:

Macy Dreizler

Macy! I love that you found objects and collected them into a whole new object. The fact that you used objects most people would just forget or think is trash and make it into a beautiful piece of art is amazing. It really works! It screams The Center, and the colors complement each other well. So fun! –Neil

Lauren DeMott

This wander assignment is a map created from my memory of where I traveled around the Lyle Center. I documented my journey with taking photographs of paths I took along with interesting items that caught my eye along the way.

Joaquina Hernandez

I found different pathways on my pathway wander and put them together with videos, pictures, and sounds of the Lyle Center.

Rosalia P. Romero

Chelsea Marks: Pathways

My physical collages were dropped in the rain, which then turned into an inspiration to further develop my project. I used a combination of water and paint to try and blur the lines. I was curious to see if the paths would still read as a path.

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