Sound Wander

Student Name: Logan Alvarado

Logan Alvarado – Sound Wander

Student Name: Kathleen Blakistone

Sound wander – Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

Student Name: Macy Dreizler

Macy Dreizler Sound Wander

Hannah Kaiser:

Neil Heacox:

Tara Diaz:

Caitlin Mouri:

Don Chavez

Alondra D Delgado

Joaquina Hernandez

I collected a variety of sounds for this wander and I had so much fun putting it together.

Lauren DeMott

This sound wander was taken February 20th at same time the rest of the class was doing their sound wanders. This clip was recorded while I was on a beach in Mexico and in the background you can hear a trumpet playing at a fiesta.

Chelsea Marks

This Audio shows a contrast between the peaceful sounds of the center and the annoyance of the building operations.

Russell Maruya-Sound Wander

Rosalia P. Romero:

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