Rubbings Wander

Logan Alvarado:

Hi Logan,
I love your object rubbings! Even though they aren’t in a booklet, your rubbings have more detail in them than anybody elses. I’m not sure how you did it (style? patience?), but the leaves at the end are just so intricate. What kind of rubbing technique did you use to achieve this? –Neil

Neil Heacox:

Don Chavez:

Caitlin Mouri

Tara Diaz

Alondra D Delgado

Found Objects

In this rubbings wander, we put various materials to paper: finding pieces, materials, the use of all environmental elements, or indoor/outdoor space. Overlaying a paper onto an object and capturing its texture or form by rubbing a writing material on it. The tools I used to do the rubbings included charcoal pencil, charcoal block, and graphite. I tried to reproduce the materials of nature, patterns, and scale. Each tool I used was specific to the material being imprinted.

I am a little thing,
buzzing around the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies.
I see lots of green and wooden things.
Everything is so big like those giants who are scared of me.
I like smelling the fruits and trees.
I land on pretty, colorful flowers and greens.
Bright orange poppies are my favorite;
I spread its soft pollen.
The wind sometimes fights me,
but I hide between the leaves.
I am a little bee.
See me flap my wings.


This rubbing wander produced multiple textures, colors, and substrates from the surfaces throughout the Center. Buildings, metal seats, the bark of trees, and the requisite leaves resulted in a random supply of materials to play with. As placemakers, these marks are a refreshingly analog way to connect to a site.

This project let me exercise past production skills in an organic way taking form over the course of several days mulling. The end result was a handmade accordion fold book with multiple layers and page sizes. No other materials than the rubbing themselves were used in the making of the book.

Kathleen Blakistone

Macy Dreizler

Lauren DeMott

Joaquina Hernandez

This was one of my favorite wander assignments. I had a lot of fun with it!

Rosalia P. Romero

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