Performance Wander

Alondra D Delgado

The Pathways to the LCRS

I drove to and forth the Center. These videos demonstrate the distance and isolation from other places on the Cal Poly Pomona campus and even from the city. The Center is a place filled with more greenery and less human traffic.

In the video I hoped to capture the setting of the path leading to the Center because this pathway sometimes can easily be taken for granted, forgotten, or uncherished.

Now that the city and even at the state level we have implemented ideas of isolation and social distancing; this relates to the almost everyday culture of the Center. The Center is used as a place of getting away from the rapid paced life – to relax and reflect. It is a place of ponder and wander.

Macy Dreizler

Lauren DeMott

Joaquina Hernandez

This collaborative performance I did with Kathleen was an amazing experience because we brainstormed on several possible directions with it. All the different ideas we had came together flawlessly for both of us; I love that we each have our own interpretation from our photos. My first creation was days before the social distancing order was beginning to be talked about so the veggies, flowers, herbs, Kathleen, and I had to think of a plan of action. I’d say the best advice we came up with was, “go back into nature for peace” especially a place that hums serenity like the Lyle Center.
After our meeting we had a farewell picnic together that started off plentiful, but our event ended with great losses. We enjoyed each other’s company and shared as much as we could while maintaining some distance. It definitely was a nod to the pandemic we are experiencing now and how people’s GREED can cause ruin for all of us. Towards the end, I wanted to show Kathleen and I coming back together to show our hope of continuing the path to teach others the ways of respecting our HOME.

**Note for Performance piece #2: I arranged my pictures from left to right starting from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. We had so many photos to pick from, but I focused on portraying the titles written over the photos.**

Chelsea Marks: Performance Wander

For the performance wander I wanted to play with the idea of confinement and separation given the unique situation that we are all in.

My performance is about 3 types of barriers, and how the different barriers would change the way you experience the center. The first is a glass box, which takes away the largest from the sensory experience in the center. In the box you can not feel the air, small the scents or hear the noises of nature. The second is a chain-link open-air enclosure. This enclosure allows you to have the smells and sounds of nature, but you are stuck in one perspective, only able to view the vast center from one place. The third is using the water as a barrier. This is the most free of all 3 options. You can hear, feel, small the center, but only from a distance. For my performance I propose a gathering of people at the center interacting with these people in the three confined situations. It could even be a situation where people can go inside each zone and see how it changes their personal experience of the place

Rosalia P. Romero

The performance of the students working at the Lyle Center. This wander was fun to make.

Russell Maruya- Performance Wander

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