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Week 4 of Final Project Blog: Don Chavez 04/28/2020

Almost there I feel maybe I can add some hand graphics to pull out an object from the image, it may do something that makes the vision of the transitions/pathways feel personal to the viewer questioning what they are seeing. I don’t know but I’m curious to see how it will layout my project.

Don, the intangibility of the images feels relevant right now. It will be interesting to see how you experiment with accent and I’m curious to see how it compares to the pathways wander you did a while back. – Hannah

Tara Diaz 4/28/20 update

After talking with Cybele, I decided to try and add more colors to my work. I grabbed my crayons and did 2 pages of color. One wall rubbing and one just on paper.

I played with both and all combined. It was a fun process. As for the final, I’m going to choose some that I liked and put them together to tell a story in a way. I’m not sure about the arrangement yet but I am very excited.

Tara, the change is dramatic and what came out is so moody! The transformation from the first color grid is interesting and there may be a relevant narrative in the process itself. – Hannah

4/29/2020 Hannah Kaiser

I had taken some video of the shadows on my last trip to the center and a slight breeze, a bee pollinating, and clouds moving in front of the sun made them really dynamic. I’ve taken those and layered them over pictures of where I am now- similar to the stills I posted before. And, after talking to Cybele, reversed it to have video from where I am now layered over images from the center. I like to imagine them projected large on the walls so that you might walk through them and add your silhouette.

Russell Maruya-Final Project update-4/30/20

During this project, one pathway that I came across while talking with friends and classmates is how are we using technology to take our minds off of what is going on in the world around us. As a result, I gave the participants who are contributing pieces for my final project the option of showing how they are using technology to stay in touch with their friends and occupy their spare time. Shown below are some of the pieces that will be a part of my final project.

I think these rubbings look great! I hope there were a title or description to each to get a little more context. Overall, amazing progress! – Alondra

Week 4: Final Project – Image Reference

Alondra Delgado

Chelsea Marks: Progress 4/30/20

For this weeks collage I combined photography with painting. I wanted to keep it simple so that it could make an impact. I spent a lot of time out of the home this week, and I could see some of the fear in peoples faces. This painting represents this weeks mood. Each week I am doing a collage or painting about that weeks occurrences.

4/30/2020 Logan Alvarado
Progress on the Richard Long-inspired land art piece has progressed in creative and spontaneous ways. The resulting report thus far: a succulent bouquet revolving around the palm stump with a radial ground texture that’s still to be determined. The full arrangement of succulents has been selected, having even considered the notable plants in the North, East, South, West locations. All plants have been purchased through a neighborhood-grown business located in Pasadena, CA (Venmo @sierrabonitasucculents).

Caitlin Mouri
30 April 2020

This is my fourth iteration of paper-making. I drew some images of screws, rope, and wire based on my texture rubbings and then placed the paper under an olive tree in my front yard for a few days. I incorporate the olive leaves and olive flowers that fell into the tray into the new batch of paper. I also added a handful of rose petals and a little more paper pulp made out of shredded junk mail. For the final, I was thinking of including weather forecasts for each week of paper-making. I was able to find a graphic of the weather for April, but I still need to decide how to incorporate that information into the final presentation.

Seeing this paper making process has been so cool! I think the interaction between the blue ink and the texture of the paper is really interesting in this iteration. I also think its fascinating how the paper is turning into a sort of sculpture of its own, and how what I usually think of as a canvas or blank page now has a character to it and its also acting as a means of collection or memory of that tree or plant in a given moment. -Macy

Macy Dreizler

Here are a few process pictures showing my collage process and drafts and some photos of the center I took and will be using. My final project has taken yet another turn and I have decided to make a collage after realizing how many hours on my computer it would take to edit a film to the point where I would feel good about it and wanting to spend less time on the screen. Realizing I had so many photos of the center, I set out to create a collage, but with the intention of harnessing the progression or narrative qualities of moving image. I was thinking about the human hand as this vessel of the pandemic (wash your hands!! Sanitize your hands!! I wonder if shaking hands will be a thing of the past?) But also how our hands tend to the weeds at the center or build cities or plant crops or express some sort of gesture. I also found this hand symbol fitting because I wanted to construct the final with my hands and not digitally to connect to this physicality of creation. With the notion of physicality, I wanted the piece to also be this insertion of the physical body into the center as a sort of reckoning with a place we no longer occupy in the way before physical distancing. The hands are cut from national geographic images from people throughout space and time connecting us globally as the virus is connecting us globally. What is place in the absence of humans? Especially a place like the center that straddles both wild and horticultural spaces? Each time I’ve gone to the center lately I’ve noticed how wild the thistle and grasses are getting without the human hand to tend to it.

Lauren DeMott: The Final Process

Week 1 : Collecting and Pressing

I have been going on a lot of walks these past weeks and one thing I have been collecting was flowers and leafs to press. I have been trying to pay a lot of attention to the 5 senses and collecting things within those parameters. Once I had my specimens collected, I sandwiched the flowers between newsprint paper and stacks of books to press the flowers.

Week 2: Experimenting

I was experimenting with the idea of how light shines through stained glass or making paper out of flowers, but I thought why not find some way to combine them. I started by shaving crayons and taking the pressed flowers and putting them on trace paper. I was going to melt the crayon wax with a hair drier but the hair drier just ended up blowing everything away. So instead I had to substitute my heat source with a iron. I sandwiched the crayon wax, flowers in between sheets of trace paper and put the iron on top. Once the wax cooled off I had my final product. Flower Wax Paper (Literally)

5/7/2020 Hannah Kaiser

After playing with the layered videos I returned to the simple shadows. Something about their placeless-ness resonates with me right now. Here is my growing collection of images. Some are from the center, some are from Bend. Some even have the plants themselves blending into their own shadows. 

Russell Maruya 5/9/20 Final Project update

As I have started to collect pieces for my final project, I have started to think about how I would like to display my work. If I had the chance to display my work in person I would like to display it on either a brochure for visitors to the Center or on a poster board.

Silent wander assignment

Since I work in the construction industry, I am still considered to be an essential worker and have to still drive out to the various job sites. I usually leave for a job site at around 5:00 or 5:30 A.M and during my commute, I am used to seeing people on their way to either work or school. However, due to the quarantine I see almost no one on the road during my commute to the job site where I am doing a safety walk. As an area safety manager with ACCO Engineered Systems, my main responsibility is to establish, manage, and monitor standards and training to ensure that there are no injury at the job site. Once I got to the job site where I was conducting a safety walk, I had to maintain six feet between myself and the nearest person and wear a face mask during work.

Since I am retired and working part time, I don’t leave the house as often as I used to. During my time at home, I am watching CNN and other news program to stay up to date with all of the news on the coronavirus. Aside from watching the news, I have been spending parts of my day sewing masks for my family and friends so that they can go out in public and still have some sense of normal life. When I am not either watching television or making masks, I am either taking several naps throughout the day, playing with my three dogs, cooking meals and/or grocery shopping with my family.

Tara Diaz Final update

After studio finals being finished, I was able to focus on this final. The last piece was figuring out how to present this. I knew that i wanted it to be big but since printing is not possible i utilized another skill of mine. Rendering.

Using twinmotion, I rendered a mock up gallery and placed the top 3 works that i wanted to show. I took snapshots of few different angles and exported them out. Editing them in photoshop to make the photos much better and realistic

I can’t wait to show you all my final work.

Final Week of The Final Project Blog: Don Chavez 05/10/2020

After finishing with studio classes, I was able to focus on this final progress with finishing what I have today with what I want to show for the final project. The last thing to do was to figure out how I need to present this effectively before Thursday. I knew that I wanted them to be seen in different perspectives and visual scales letting people see how I want them to be seen, however since printing is not possible I utilized Photoshop to give Idea of how I would of shown my finished work.

Final Project Progress

This week was about preparation for my final collage. I took most of the work from this semester and I cut out off the white space so that I could see the colors and textures I have to work with. There is combination of paintings, drawings, rubbings and photographs of the center. I want my final collage to represent the center as an symbol of natures beauty. I will spend the next few days working on it and then post to the final blog.

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