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Week 2 of Final Project Blog: Alondra 04/16/2020

At first I did not know how to move forward with this project so at the end of overthinking it, I decided to went forth to break down this project into parts. I think that instead of thinking too much about what my next step could be with these photographs; I want to do different wander iterations with it. I chose to draw these because it creates a sense of unity. Now, my idea is to add a certain form of object to distinguish these places around campus. My next step is to tie it back to the Center.

Your drawings are lovely! It’s nice to see the pathways as linework, because it makes the similarities between them more prominent. I definitely recognize these places but there’s also something universal about them, which I think is really beautiful. – Caitlin

Rosalia P. Romero

I wanted to start working on my collage ideas for the final, so I wanted to start with making a list of what I envision in it. I also wanted to start with a sketch of what I want the images to look like. I think this will allow me to have a starting point for me to get going.

Hello Rosalia, I like this approach you took. I think the list you included is also a great concept to continue integrating in your sketches. Sort of like a book. Maybe this becomes a series of something- just how like you did here but more. Keep going! – Alondra

Caitlin Mouri
16 April 2020

For my final project, I will cycle through a paper-making process that I hope will capture the spirit of the Lyle Center. For my first iteration, I made three small pieces of paper out of recycled scraps. I used pen to draw some sketches of the center. These were based on the last photos I snapped of the center, on the last day of in-person classes. I left those drawings out in the rain to break up the paper, and used those scraps to make a new batch of paper. I used chalk to draw some of the fruits that grow at the Lyle Center. Those drawings are currently sitting underneath a lemon tree in my front yard, waiting for the next rainy day to break them down so I can start the process again.

Iteration #1:

Iteration #2:

Hi Caitlin! Wow this is such a creative process. It is so cool seeing this recycle of paper. I was amazed to see how blank but textured the paper was after that rainy day. What will you do if it does not rain again though, how would you recycle that paper to use again? Very intriguing work! I enjoyed looking at this project. – Alondra

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