Blind Contour and 1 Minute Drawings

Alondra D Delgado

Drawing in Nature

Throughout the years my music taste has evolved. I listen to all genres for the most part, but I do listen to alternative, classic rock, and Latin music. I listen to music depending on my mood and feelings, but also because a song can remind me of something. At the age of twelve, I was a bit more mature than the other kids my age due to personal reasons that highly affected me and one time a song came on, “Oblivion” by Bastille. Whenever that song comes on, I just get a mix of emotions; it brings me back to when I was a teenager, always overthinking many things. I still listen to it now, and even though, it makes me cry sometimes – it reminds me of my late childhood.

Macy Dreizler

Joaquina Hernandez

The first slide show is all the timed blind and quick sketches I drew with inspiration from Chelsea and the Lyle Center. Slide show #2 were the five iterations that I created from my collective pieces which were a puzzle, oil painting, coloring page, crafted replica of a pebble ground, and a poppy pressed tribute.

Lauren DeMott

Kathleen Blakistone

Rosalia P. Romero

The following are the blind contours we did in the wander. I also wanted to create an inverse of the line drawings for my own personal interest. Then I added the homework part which is the five renditions of one.

Chelsea Marks: Quick and Blind Contour Drawings

Russell Maruya: Blind Contour Drawings

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